Kybella: It’s Time To Address Your Double Chin

The Kybella injection method is the first of its kind. Currently, it is the only injectable product that has FDA approval for submental fullness, or the fat found under the chin. This is also called a double chin.

Many cosmetic surgery patients seek to clear up their chin area in a safe, reliable way. This is where Dr. Gorin and his team can help. Rather than rely on old, risky surgery techniques to reduce face flab, patients can schedule a simple injection.


Why patients come in for Kybella

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery took a survey in 2014. This survey says 68 percent of people are bothered by their chin flab. This number has been on the rise for decades. In fact, the 2014 survey shows submental fullness concerns to be almost as common as patients whom are bothered by lines or wrinkles near their eyes.

Since Kybella is proven to help reduce submental fullness, the process is growing in popularity. There is no need for inpatient care after an injection. Recovery time is also not required. Most patients feel just fine after a few hours.

The injection itself goes into the subcutaneous fat under the chin. From there, a compound called deoxycholate starts to break down fat cells and diminish the appearance of a dreaded double chin. This can help restore a youthful look and feel to the chin line in patients of any age or gender.

The treatment is expected to be long lasting. Most patients struggle with submental fullness due to genetics or aging, though rapid weight gain is another factor. Patients are asked to maintain a healthy life style after the injection to ensure that they reduce the risk of a side effect.

Common side effects of Kybella injections

The FDA warns of nerve damage as a side effect of these injections. A small number of patients experience an uneven facial appearance once deoxycholate is administered. The risk is very low for patients that do not smoke, drink to excess or otherwise engage in high-risk behaviors.

It is important to note that while some bruising or skin irritation may occur, patients that experience these symptoms should report them right away. Be sure to stay in touch with your plastic surgery team just in case these symptoms persist.

Beyond those general concerns, however, Kybella is very safe. It is not intended for use anywhere on the body or face. This is because the process is designed specifically for submental fullness, meaning it is safe for this specific use after years of clinical trials and earning its FDA approval.

If you think this sounds like the right treatment for you, please contact Dr. Gorin’s office. Our process begins with a consultation to determine risk factors. Our team can show you before and after results, as well as answer your questions about related procedures. Once you decide to move forward, we can schedule the injections and help restore the youthful look you seek!