BOTOX Professionals

BOTOX patients consistently rank Gorin Plastic Surgery & Medspa among the most popular in the area. This is due to the top-notch care our clinic offers to all patients, no matter what service they seek, how old they are or how much they know about the procedure.

You may know very little about wrinkle treatment or care of fine lines. Perhaps you have done extensive research on BOTOX Cosmetic. In either case, our patients are given a thorough consultation prior to any procedure. Before you make a choice about whether or not BOTOX is right for you, plenty of accurate, current info is provided by our team.

Frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead creases and more are all eligible for treatment by this process. Some patients present risks and should seek a different plastic surgery option. However, the quick, easy and effective use is ready and waiting for you at our five-star Tualatin plastic surgery clinic.

Effective for several types of patients

BOTOX injections are currently the only treatment of its kind that has FDA approval. As long as a patient goes to a reputable plastic surgeon, the injections are completely safe. In fact, the injections are done in a quick, non-invasive manner that can be completed in about 30 minutes.

The injections include botulinum toxin Type A. This is a naturally occurring protein that will relax a patient’s targeted muscles. While relaxed, the muscles do not contract. Muscle contractions are responsible for creasing your skin, so the injection site will be left with smooth skin that has a naturally young look and feel.

There are more than 20 proven medical uses for BOTOX injections. This includes chronic migraines, especially in aging patients. A patient that suffers from long-lasting headaches of 4 hours or more might want to consider this treatment. A chronic migraine patient is anyone who suffers these headaches that do not seem to end at least 15 times in a given month.

BOTOX is also the only FDA-approved treatment for hyperhidrosis, or profuse sweating in the underarm (armpit). The injections block chemicals that trigger sweat glands to prevent embarrassing sweatiness in this area. It is important to note that while your underarms will not sweat after an injection, the rest of your sweat glands and nerves will not be affected. The rest of your body will continue to sweat as it normally does.

What to know about procedures and risks

Most patients undergo a series of tiny injections at target areas in their face. There is no need for anesthesia or medication to undergo a BOTOX procedure. In the average patient, the desired look remains in effect for 4 to 6 months.

Side effects vary with each patient. Some patients may present risk factors that increase the chance of a negative result. This is why Dr. Gorin and his medical experts take care to get to know their patients. An existing skin condition, extreme fear of needles or other issue could lead to complications.

There are occasional side effects such as temporary bruising, swelling and minor pain. There are some issues with drooping eyelids in a small percentage of all BOTOX patients, though many report no droopiness within 3 weeks of the injections.

Whether you are interested in BOTOX for cosmetic reasons, to reduce sweating or to clear up migraine pain, our clinic is happy to help. Please contact our Tualatin BOTOX experts today to schedule a consultation!

How Dysport Is Different

Dysport-ShotIn April 2009, the FDA approved Dysport for two separate indications. It is currently approved for the treatment of cervical dystonia, and to address glabellar lines in adults under age 65.

In other words, it is able to help with similar issues as BOTOX. However, the proteins in Dysport are small and thus tend to act quicker. Similar risk factors exist for either injection method. Dysport requires some more effort on the physician’s part.

As a patient, however, your results with either method may vary. Dysport is slightly less expensive, but it is also much newer and does not have the long history of effective use as BOTOX. At the end of the day, choosing one or the other will not increase the risk of side effects or failure to achieve your desired results. Ask during a consultation if there is a specific issue that may make one treatment smarter than the other in your case.

How Xeomin is Different


Similar to Dysport, Xeomin is an alternative method for facial rejuvenation by injection. Think of BOTOX as a product that was designed to safely introduce botulinum toxin Type A to human skin. When it was developed, additional proteins and compounds were mixed in to assure safe use. Over time, the developers found a safe way to inject the Type A neurotoxin in a “naked” state, or without the extra proteins.

The end result for facial rejuvenation patients comes down to risk and cost. Studies are varied on the overall effectiveness and safety of Xeomin, which is still too new to be used as often as Dysport or BOTOX.

Xeomin recently attained FDA approval for upper limb spasticity, meaning it is growing more popular among plastic surgery centers in the U.S. For Tualatin Xeomin patients, Dr. Aaron Gorin, MD, FACS can provide effective consultation and schedule the safe, responsible use of this product for your medical and cosmetic needs.