When will Sientra Breast Implants be Available?

Answer: Sientra implants are already available.

Their teadrop or gummy bear implant were the first to obtain FDA approval. However, the other two companies now also have similar implants.

Breast Augmentation With or Without a Lift?

Question: I have seen two different MD’s regarding breast augmentation with a possible lift. One MD told me I needed a lift (anchor) and the other told me implants should give me enough lift and I wont need an actual lift, however if I wanted higher nipple placement he would do a lollipop lift with the implants. Scarring really concerns me, and if I can get away without any lift that is the route I prefer. However, I do not want huge droopy boobs. He measured me at 25 and 25.5. What do you suggest?


Answer: Lift? Absolutely

With your anatomy, a formal breast lift 100% will be necessary to avoid a weird shape. I would ask the other surgeon to show photos of prior patients who he/she felt looked like you and only had implants. I have patients ask me this. I would never just do implants here.