‘Tummy Tuck’ or Abdominoplasty

These procedures involves tightening of the abdominal muscles and removing the excess fat and skin in an effort to obtain a sleek, contoured, feminine core that is often so elusive.  Even if several diets and exercise plans have not worked, there are cosmetic surgery options to help patients see the results they want.

The incision is kept low so as to be concealed by most clothing (including bathing suits, jeans, etc).  In general, many of the stretch marks that may be present are also removed.  Limited liposuction is usually incorporated into the abdominoplasty to ‘body sculpt’ the result to each patient’s needs.

Dr. Aaron Gorin, a skilled tummy tuck surgeon provides a personalized approach to consultation and helps patients feel relaxed despite talking about a procedure that can be awkward or lead to insecurity.  Tummy tuck expertise leads to many  positive reviews.

Tummy tuck costs and safety concerns

Abdominoplasty safety questions and answers

Patients often ask about long-term safety and cosmetic tummy tuck concerns. The rate of infections or severe pain after a procedure is very low. Most patients get through the surgery with no complications so long as they follow their surgeon’s pre-operative recommendations.

Typically, incisions are made low enough on the waist line that any scarring is hidden by pants, bathing suits or other clothing items. Stretch mark removal can be achieved surgically and through ongoing treatment options to reduce the visibility of stretch marks for patients ready to show off their new waist line. Our procedures cost on par with other facilities in the Pacific Northwest: please call to set up a consultation so we may tailor your experience.

Tummy tuck related procedures and scheduling

Mommy makeover and abdominoplasty options

A mommy makeover is a comprehensive approach for patients whom feel pregnancy took a serious toll on their figure. Mommy makeovers typically include:

It is common for patients to coordinate each procedure so that recovery time is reduced. A patient can plan for a mommy makeover that takes just a single visit to a clinic. After successful recovery from surgery, most mommy makeover patients are fully healed within a few weeks.

Scheduling a tummy tuck and other cosmetic surgery

After care is an important part of any cosmetic procedure, especially following work on multiple areas of the patient’s body. This is why most clinics schedule follow-up meetings a few days, weeks and even months after the patient goes home.

This is helpful for two reasons. First, it lowers the risk of a patient experiencing post-operative complications. Cosmetic surgeons are able to verify that no infections, excess scarring or other issue is affecting the patient’s health.  Second, scheduling routine visits with a trusted cosmetic surgery clinic ensures comfort and trust, which makes it easy to plan for any future procedures!

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Tummy Tuck before & after photo

5’7″ / 125lbs / 2 kids Tummy tuck with waist liposuction.

Tummy Tuck Testimonials

You really put in overtime when it comes to your patient’s personal care. You’re more on top of things than I could have ever imagined. I’ve sung your praise high and low to many a woman, young and old. Hopefully they turn into great success stories and new voices for you too. You’ve been awesome. Even on your vacation…that truly amazed me….who does that? For goodness sake…..even the most dedicated would only want to hear of an emergency. Thanks for being as awesome as you have. I’m beyond impressed. Take good care of yourself…you take wonderful care of others.

I just wanted to thank all of you for being so awesome all the way through my surgery and recovery. I have been so impressed with all the special care you have provided to me that I am encouraging my friends to see you if they have even had a thought of having any type of cosmetic surgery. I sing your praises all the time. I even show off your work and I was thinking that this would be a personal thing for me but with the great work you have done I had to show my tummy tuck off. I am even impressed with your availability no matter what time of day or night I needed a question answered. Since my surgery in March I have sent to you 3 friends. This shows how much faith I have in the work and care you all provide. Thank you all for making me feel like family.